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Hailstorms can cause severe damage to your house. You will notice signs of wear and tear in your roof the most when hail storms hit Macungie. It can be difficult to know when hail has damaged your roof. People often don’t pay attention to the subtle signs that may be present in their homes’ exteriors.

Macungie homeowners should get professional roof repairs done after hail damages their homes. Our team of experts can help prevent future structural damage and water intrusion that could lead to serious problems later on.

Advance Exterior Solutions is a trusted Macungie roofer who assists home and business owners with their roofing needs. We offer top-of-the-line services to protect your house from damage, and we can also help with any mandatory repairs.

Hail Damage Roof Repair Macungie

A hail-damaged roof can be like an alarm clock. While the severity of damage can vary, it almost always has an impact on your home’s integrity. This may seem minimal in some cases but if hail storms are coming down at a gale force or with many small hailstorms, it can make a big difference.

It is difficult to see the hail damage without an inspection. These tiny cracks in your roof can lead to more costly repairs or even worse.

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Water-Related Problems

Your roof can be repaired now to avoid future water damage. Roofs are specially designed to deal with heavy snowfall, hail storms and flooding. This can lead to devastating consequences for home structures.

Water can damage your home’s structural integrity, warping and rotting wood. These additional problems can cost you much more than your initial roof repairs.

UV Damage

When hail hits roofs, it can cause UV-damage to the components underneath. This type of wear and damage can accelerate future roof replacements. It also increases their vulnerability to leaks or other problems over time.

Macungie hail damage repair

Call for our hail damage service if you need someone who is able to complete the job quickly. We have the best roofers in Macungie and will give an estimate for any necessary repairs.

Can you repair a hail damaged roof?

Yes. We are aware that hail damage can take many forms. Our roofers will recommend fixing your roof if there are signs of hail damage in asphalt tiles, metal shingles or asphalt tiles. This could indicate further problems like smaller pieces breaking off the property.

What does hail damage roof cost?

It depends on how damaged the roof is. The cost of replacing a roof due to damage can be anywhere from $5K-20k depending on its condition. Standard repairs could run you $400-700 per square feet (depending on what you need).

Do you need to replace your roof after it rains?

It’s a good habit to fix your roof after hail storms, but if you notice any leaks or cracks in your shingles, it may be worth replacing them before the damage gets worse.

How can you protect your roof from hail damage?

Your roof can be repaired to prevent any leaks or other damage. It’s important to inspect and repair your roof before the storm comes.


Advance Exterior Solutions is the premier roofing contractor in Macungie, PA. Give us a call for roofing & siding repairs and replacements.


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